Latin Maps Agency is based in New York City. We have teams in New York, Houston, and Miami. We are a full-service PR & creative agency uniquely positioned to leverage the unparalleled influence of Latino artists and Latin marketing strategies to reach the growing Hispanic Market in the U.S.
The agency’s industry-leading talent turns this access, insight, and foresight into work that permeates culture to the core through advertising, brand strategy, casting, and experiential capabilities.

Creative Studios

Latin Maps Agency operates as a creative agency, working across 55 states and in collaboration with our major client brands. The company’s experience dominating the Hispanic culture, visually arresting storytelling enables us to bring brands to life in front of the Latino market inside the US; this work is done in spectacular ways, harnessing the experience of our talented team of marketers, designers, video producers, and directors to ensure clients always receive innovative solutions utilizing global and local knowledge plus the access to the well-known artist in the Latino industry.

Latin Maps Agency also has dedicated creative studios in Houston, Miami, and New York. This truly national creative network provides a wide range of creative services, including PR, content creation, digital marketing, consulting, etc. We are expert storytellers and brand builders, our Hispanic footprint allows us to create relevant and compelling content that resonates in front of the multiple physiques of the Hispanic viewer.

Media, Brands and Licensing

Latin Maps’ global brand licensing team leverages the company’s market-leading editorial assets and brands through media and brand licensing, including publishing, content, endorsement, and product licensing. Together with partners, we develop innovative consumer products, platforms, and experiences that connect with the very strong Hispanic loyal audience across diverse verticals such as fashion, beauty, design, food, and travel.

Media Licensing

Content licensing provides access to more than 60 million Latinos living in the US with photography, video commercials, and illustration; and our endorsement licensing program includes the use of editorial content for marketing and PR purposes.

Brand Licensing

Branded licensed products provide Hispanic consumers in the US with new ways to interact with brands they love. Together with category-expert partners, we leverage our brands to create innovative branded products ranging from apparel and lifestyle goods to hospitality. For all product licensing inquiries, please send us an email by pressing the button below CONTACT US.

Regional & National Approach

Latin Maps Agency creates exceptional consumer experiences with partners. These include ventures in tech, real estate, construction, health, crypto, finances, automotive, retail, restaurants,

Latin Maps Agency connects your Brand with powerful tools to sell online, attract your new best clients and reach your desired audience. Send us a message pressing CONTACT US, to learn more about how we can elevate your sales in a fast and efficient way.